Meet Adam

Mr. Herndon grew up in Oakland, Ca. and was fortunate to have very influential people with him along life’s journey. He witnessed success in areas such as insurance, real estate and philanthropy, and learned that through hard work, perseverance and compassion, people are more likely to stand in your favor and support your efforts.


It's hard to fathom that a boy born into slavery and then set free without a penny to his name was able to become a successful entrepreneur and the first black millionaire in the south. My Great Great Uncle Alonzo F. Herndon not only pulled himself and his family up by the bootstraps but also took it upon himself to help other African-Americans better their lives and achieve equal rights.


I was very excited to write this book and reach out to a diverse group of readers by sharing the amazing story of Alonzo Herndon. Both children and adults bond together when spending quality time reading books. My hope is that Uncle Alonzo's story will inspire the lives of all readers and the story will be told for years to come.